Will you be the winner of the TrashTag challenge?

Every day, we can all see that waste is all around us and even in unexpected places (now as far away as Antarctica!).

The planet is our common home. We must all mobilise and take our responsibilities. We owe it to ourselves to be in solidarity now and forever. Let’s act, let’s be in action!

The Group has decided to mobilise and act at its own level. It’s the small gestures that count, and together, let’s multiply our small gestures to make a big one.

From now on, a new “CSR OBJECTIVE” project will be proposed to you every year! In line with the Group’s fundamental values, these projects on specific themes will reward Astrians for their commitment to CSR.

For this first year, the theme defined is “waste”. We propose, individually or collectively, to mobilise you by taking part in the TrashTag Challenge!

You have probably seen this concept on social networks. It consists in cleaning a place full of waste and posting before/after pictures. In the same perspective, Astre launches its own challenge.

To participate, send your before/after photos or videos of a place where you have collected waste, from 15/03/2021 to 15/04/2021 inclusive, via the following form: https://urlz.fr/f5mp

Find the rules here

Whether individually or collectively, with your colleagues or even your family, participate on behalf of your company.
The best photos and videos will be selected by a jury and then published on our networks! Internet users will select the grand winner, who will receive a gift.

And remember, the best waste is the waste that you don’t produce!

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