Palet System

Palet System is the palletised transportation solution that is based on 192 delivering hauliers, 70 distributors and 7 hubs, which guarantees the security and traceability of your shipments every day, from the collection of your goods to their delivery.

Our commitments:

  • An ecological and economical solution thanks to optimisation and massification
  • Our “playground”: Europe and beyond! We cover over 46 European countries
  • The handling of your products from 1/4 pallets to 10 pallets
  • Guaranteed deadlines with traceability and feedback within 24 hours
  • The strength of a network with 15 years of experience
  • An eco-responsible network: 100% of the distributors have committed to a greenhouse gas reduction programme by signing the CO2 charter
  • A constantly evolving network that knows how to draw on the experience of its members to meet customer requirements
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