Astre and the climate

An innovator in the TRM sector, Astre is mobilising for the environment by organising climate frescos for all its members. The concept: collaborative workshops that provide an educational understanding of the ins and outs of climate change. The Astre Group can be proud to be the first transport and logistics player to deploy this fresco. Here is a look back at the first two successful workshops.

If, like more and more companies, the leading European grouping of transporters and logisticians is aware of the environmental issues and wishes to commit itself even more to the climate, Astre has decided to better understand the problem in order to act.

Amandine AUTRET, CSR Coordinator of the Group, who initiated this idea, explains the project:

“If we consider climate change from the environmental, societal and economic angles, we realise that we no longer have a choice… WE MUST ACT! But the subject remains vast and complex. But before we can act, we need to have a minimum understanding of it and a shared understanding. Given our cooperative organisation, it is obvious that if this understanding of climate change only exists for a certain number of transporters, all the actions that would be undertaken would only be failures due to lack of scope and coherence! For a quick, effective and fun understanding, the solution is called THE CLIMATE FRESK. “

Supervised by a facilitator, the climate fresco is a collaborative workshop based on collective intelligence that allows for an educational understanding of the dynamics of climate change by highlighting the links between cause and effect.

On 10 and 16 March last, the members of the Board of Directors and the members of the Group’s CSR Committee produced the first frescoes. The result of this collaborative work is a shared understanding, reminders of the urgency of the problem, and even awareness-raising.

“Astre plans to deploy the climate mural among all its European members, and we see several benefits in this: the acquisition of this famous shared understanding of climate change that will enable us to act in a coherent and impactful way and the sending of a strong message to our various stakeholders, as Astre will be the first player in the transport world to deploy the climate mural!” underlines Amandine.

More than positive feedback from the Board members

“The aim of this game, beyond convincing the participants of the reality of climate change, was to make us reflect as citizens and consumers on our individual behaviour and its direct or indirect impact on the climate. Being aware is good! Acting is better and is imperative! Denis BAUDOUIN, President of the Astre Group – Director of the Baudouin Group

“A moment full of sharing that makes us aware of the long road we have to travel for our future generations.” Xavier CHEUTIN, member of the Board of Directors – Manager CTL Transports Cheutin

“This collaborative work, in small groups, allowed me to understand even better the challenges of climate change. It was a different and fun way to discuss the complexity of the interactions that unfortunately lead to this disruption. We came away from this workshop with much more complete information that inevitably leaves its mark on our minds and our consciousness.” Thierry LEIDEMER, member of the Board of Directors – Director of the Kleyling Group

A new CSR talent

The Astre network’s CSR commitment is not new. A dedicated department including QHSE issues has existed for several years – Amandine AUTRET joined the department as CSR Coordinator, surrounded by three other experts. Previously, Amandine worked as a QSE engineer for the Caserta company. In 2005, she joined the Intermarché group as a quality researcher, then held the position of Hygiene-Quality and Sustainable Development/CSR Manager for E.CF, until she joined the ASTRE group in January 2021.

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