Let’s be in solidarity

The Astre Group is more than ever in solidarity with the new sanitary measures. In the respect of the barrier gestures, the Astrians open their doors to the drivers for a shower, a coffee, a snack, etc… The restaurants being impacted by this second confinement, the drivers will once again encounter difficulties to eat and shower. Let’s not forget them, they are there, and they allow the supply in our shops. Together we are stronger. Let us stand together.

Other news

31 May 2022

Congress and Big Birthday !

2022 is ASTRE’s thirtieth anniversary year. For the past few weeks, a dense programme has been on the agenda of our members.

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29 April 2022

Astre celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Astre celebrates its 30th anniversary! It was in 1992 that Astre was created by 7 visionary leaders.

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Alexandre DEMIDOFF
29 March 2022

Astre is recruiting a news Deputy General Manager

Alexandre DEMIDOFF joins the Astre Group as Deputy General Manager in charge of Operations, Network, Business Development and CSR.

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