Decarbonisation at astre


With the aim of stepping up its commitment to the energy transition in the road haulage sector, on 27 June the ASTRE Group brought together more than 220 people representing all the stakeholders in the sector at the Greenhouse in Pavilion 6 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Many Astriens, shipper customers, partners and other players expressed their commitment to leading this transition together, with the aim of completely decarbonising the sector by 2050.

During the conference, entitled “DRIVING THE TRANSITION, NOW”, key themes were addressed by renowned experts such as :

  • Cédric Ringenbach, founder of the Fresque du Climat, who explained the Kaya equation applied to the road transport sector.
  • Reuben Fisher, Freight Project Manager at The Shift Project, who explained the PTEF – Plan de Transformation de l’Economie Française – with its 52 proposals to support transformation.
  • Fabrice Bonnifet, Director of Sustainable Development at Bouygues, spoke about the concept of the contributing company, in relation to planetary limits, and illustrated it with the example of a BHEP – Positive Economy Hybrid Building.
  • Denis Baudouin, Chairman of the Astre Group, presented the Net Zero Initiative (NZI) method to which the Astre Group is committed. He then detailed the actions that will be carried out within the group (Responsible Purchasing, Responsible Finance & Decarbonised Transport Plan in 2024) as well as those proposed to Astriens (carbon footprint, energy audit, low-carbon label and carbon sequestration).

The conference, punctuated by contributions from Laure Noualhat, a committed journalist specialising in the environment, and moderated by journalist Cécile Lefort, enabled the speakers to put forward solutions for decarbonising the road haulage sector and to call for collective action.

“As a major player in the road transport sector, it is our responsibility to go even further in responding to the climate emergency. Since we were founded 31 years ago, collective action has always been the solution to our problems. By taking a systemic approach, our new actions and levers will enable us to go even further in decarbonising the sector,” explains Denis Baudouin, Chairman of the Astre Group. “We have a long way to go, but we all have a role to play. That’s why we’re calling on everyone involved to act, and to act fast!

To meet environmental challenges and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Astre Group has chosen the Net Zero Initiative method, a benchmark for collective carbon neutrality, enabling climate actions to be managed in a sincere, ambitious and transparent way with a view to achieving net zero emissions worldwide. This choice will enable us to get things moving effectively, with all the players aligned on the same priorities, the same concepts and the same horizon. Carbon footprint, energy audit, low-carbon label, responsible finance, partnership with TerraTerre, responsible purchasing, changes in motorisation with the objective of reaching 100% of tractions using alternative fuels by 2024…., Even if the levers proposed to contribute to carbon neutrality are numerous, they are only the beginning!

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