2022 : Astre makes its Big Move!

On the eve of its 30th anniversary, Astre, Europe’s leading transport and logistics grouping, is undergoing a major change: a new logo and a new slogan in English mark the beginning of a new era. Beyond the desire to modernise the logo, these changes are the result of a global strategy that will be deployed in 2022.

Stars aligned

Visible for nearly 30 years, 365 days a year, throughout Europe, the yellow sun of the Astre logo needed to be modernised, without losing this identity that is unconsciously ingrained in the retina of drivers and all road users. An evolution rather than a revolution, the new logo responds to the ambition to renew both the image of a cooperative that will celebrate its 30th anniversary next spring, and that of a professional sector that is still not very well known.

A stronger change is made with the slogan. With an English-speaking base line, the grouping is consolidating its European dimension and aligning its stars with the reality of a network spread over more than 21 countries. Words chosen as close as possible to what Astre is :

Supply chain experts, grouped together, throughout Europe

New banners, a new logo and an English-speaking baseline, these changes reflect Astre’s desire to assert its leadership, as Denis BAUDOUIN, President of the Group, explains: “For 30 years, Astre has been able to develop a solid network of transport and logistics experts on a European scale. The flexibility of SMEs, the power of a large group’, our motto since the beginning of our adventure remains more than ever true, but our image must be marked and noticed, in particular through these changes of graphic identity. Our lorries remain the primary vector of communication and convey the image of the Group and its members. Therefore, the choice of a new slogan in English was an obvious choice. Astre is a European network and is organising itself to develop this international influence even more“.

Movement for 2022

This year 2022 is a gateway for Astre, which is making its Big Move, like a mutation, a turn around three major ambitions: to shine, to innovate, to adapt.

Astre’s Big Move does not stop with this change of visual identity. Other actions will take place during 2022 to properly celebrate the cooperative’s 30th anniversary and to implement the ambitious changes. We will reveal them in due course“, announces Denis BAUDOUIN

Read the President’s greetings: here

Other news

04 April 2023

The carrier of the year 2023

On March 27th, Astre was present at the 35th carrier’s trophy ceremony in a “MAGICAL” place, the Parc des Princes, with more than 350 guests.
The programme included a private tour of the stadium, a cocktail party and, of course, the awards ceremony, with in particular the nomination of Transports Barbero, a member of the Astre Group, for the Carrier of the Year award.

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Expertise transport
20 February 2023

Astre’s transport expertise

Astre and its network of experts offer high-quality transport solutions for efficient and economical management of local, national and international flows in all transport specialities.

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27 January 2023

Astre and Urby join forces

The ASTRE group, with its Palet System solution for palletised transport, has joined forces with the urban delivery operator URBY

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04 January 2023

Volvo Trucks delivers a 100% electric truck to Transports Thevenet

Thursday 22 December saw the inauguration of the first Volvo FM Electric

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Médaille d'or EcoVadis
30 November 2022


For the sixth consecutive year, Astre Commercial has been awarded the Ecovadis gold medal.

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29 September 2022

Astre Driver Challenge

As part of its 30th anniversary, Astre has launched an exceptional challenge aimed at all the Group’s drivers.

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21 July 2022

Inauguration of the Malgogne washing portal

A great project was born at Transports Malgogne: the washing portal, equipped with the aquadetox system.

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31 May 2022

Congress and Big Birthday !

2022 is ASTRE’s thirtieth anniversary year. For the past few weeks, a dense programme has been on the agenda of our members.

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29 April 2022

Astre celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Astre celebrates its 30th anniversary! It was in 1992 that Astre was created by 7 visionary leaders.

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