Our transport and logistics solutions

ASTRE develops day after day a solid network of intelligent solutions (Supply Chain Management for example) in the fields of transport and logistics. The Group has a strong territorial base, a great flexibility, as well as an excellent knowledge of the needs of the users. Thanks to these assets, ASTRE develops tailor-made, scalable and eco-friendly transport and logistics solutions.




The ASTRE Group offers to all reliable, efficient and economical transport solutions. High Quality Transport (HQT) solutions allow efficient management of local, national and international flows.

The ASTRE Group is specialized in delivery via many channels (Maritime, road, etc. ..) and offers the solution best suited to your needs.

ASTRE also offers specific solutions that respect the environment: Palet System and Astre City.


Palet System is the palletised freight delivery solution. 23,000 pallets or 9,000 daily deliveries in 22 European countries, with a service quality ratio of 99.2%.


Astre City is the eco-citizen urban distribution solution.

Launched in the fall of 2010, this is a new concept: the Intelligent, Clean and Silent Distribution.         



The Groupement Astre puts at your service its logistics intelligence: local SMEs offer economical international logistics solutions, which evolve with the needs of users and regulations.

The Astre Logistique solution adapts to all products and all packaging thanks to the attention to detail and to the professional expertise of the Astrians.