Our history


2008 :

To widen its solution spectrum, to offer you greater regional proximity and higher reactive capacity, the Astre group focused its efforts to speed up its European deployment: 

  • consolidate membership registrations in the Italian peninsula, which were step up from 2 to 7 share-holders.
  • development in Germany: as of today we count up 6 members.
  • partnership was signed between the German ON-LINE network and the Palet System for dispatching pallets between France and Germany.

All members within the Group were mobilized to prepare and open the new Plessis-Pâté platform in Ile-de-France (Paris area). Its vocation is to gather all living forces in the Group within one sole location, as well as the new Astre head-office, and contribute to optimizing internal communication daily.
The new Palet System hub nowadays includes 68 docks, 4,500 sq. m, able to handle 5,000 transit pallets a day.


2007 : Palet System confirms its success with more than 320,000 pallets being transported

Operational platforms in Lyon and Niort (France), and Madrid in Spain improve our network fluidity. Cooperation with Italian companies generates some new dynamics. In Italy, 15 companies have joined Astre, which guarantees our presence and reinforces the group in this country.


2006 : The Iberian Peninsula becomes a full area of its own. 

Its members indulge into a project that, in both these countries, makes development easier.
Palet System is transporting more than 200,000 pallets within its network. Thanks to the commitment of all its actors, to a stringent process and efficient computing means that guarantees an exemplary traceability, this new network meets with an immediate success by all its customers.


2005 : Evolution of Astre Lots (consignments) service to Palet System as a product
Palletized freight network
that relies on the competency and expertise of all shareholders and guarantees an exemplary dispatching service for transporting 1-to-8-pallet consignments throughout Europe.


2004 : Developing the Astre network throughout the Iberian Peninsula while integrating 15 new companies.



2003 : When four new companies joined the group on July 1st, Astre registers its 110th shareholder. Opening and consolidating the European network are confirmed.


2002 : With more than 250 national and European sites, Astre deploys its means as a transport and logistic operator.


2001 : 10 European shareholders are reached as standpoint.
For the first time, creating Europe as a business area within Astre is evoked. This latter, the 7th one, will come to light in 2002.


2000 : Astre launches a new service: Astre Lots (consignments).


1998 : Astre makes up its mind and gains interest in business files with some national or international importance, and creates a dedicated entity for so doing: Astre Commercial.


1997 : Opening to Europe with the coming in of the Europeans.


1996 : 50 members as level is exceeded. Astre sets up grouped purchase actions as policy.


1993 : 6 areas are created in France.


1992 : 18 companies make up the group.
The main objective for these first shareholders is to exchange freight.