Astre Coopérative

Vocation is to make available for its member network a range of services, to provide for cohesion and synergy development within the Group. Thus, a general information system (SIG) was set up, which makes up a true link between members as a whole. Among services offered, we also make a distinction between the purchase group, which helps carrying out scale savings, organizing shows such as congresses, seminars, etc., or assuming our external communication. These are as many services whose aim is to provide members with a means to development.

is missioned to have cooperative regulations applied. Concretely, this means:

  • defining conditions required to become an "Astrian" and perpetuate founding principles;
  • complying with regulations, strictly;
  • recruiting new members.

Based on the "one man, one vote" principle, Astre Cooperative capital is equally held by all Astrians.  Enjoying the Astre brand is acquired after a more or less long observation period during which the company is assessed on its behavior within the Group.


Astre Commercial

comes in within the existing global offer within the Group and offers its customers consulting activities centered on adequating customer requirement with reference to those means made available by the Astre Group as far as mono- and multi-sites files are concerned. This then supposes that specialties and local specifities are perfectly known, so that transferring the file to the Astrian who will be in charge of carrying it out, is properly transferred.

Beyond this mission, Astre Commercial also comes in when installing those structures dedicated to organizing its customer transportation activities, in as much as some files require flow set-ups towards one sole cell to be concentrated. By setting itself up as sole and unique partner with the customer, this type of organization notable helps optimizing customer transportation budget.