Storage, stock management, order preparation, picking, co-packing, co-manufacturing, integration, cabling, packaging, reverse logistics, bonded warehousing, industrial packaging etc.

The Astre logistics solutions

The Astre Logistics solution can be tailored to all products and to all types of packaging thanks to the Astre Group's attention to detail and professional expertise. Whether it's a question of forward logistics, reverse logistics, local or international shipments, ASTRE has developed a network of reliable and expert companies to take care of all your needs.

ASTRE logistics, the HQL (High Quality Logistics) solution, offers:

  • Reliability and traceability,
  • Compliance with product warehousing standards (temperature, humidity, physical storage conditions etc.),
  • Product safety during handling and warehousing,
  • Negotiated and individually tailored rates,
  • Logistics engineering to determine together the best solution for your needs.


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