CSR Commitment

"Our main priority for tomorrow is to continue our European development, while ensuring that men are at the center of our reflections because all our projects must tend to improve the" live better "together and individually" - Denis Baudouin, Chairman of the Astre Group.

The Astre Group, in constant pursuit of development and innovation, directs its governance attitude towards CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment.



(definition by the European Commission - 2011)

It is "the responsibility of companies vis-à-vis the effects they have on society"

To assume this responsibility, we must respect legislation and collective agreements.

To achieve this fully, a process of integrating social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into business and strategy is required in close collaboration with stakeholders.

Thus, within the Groupement, was created a commission in charge of all questions relating to CSR, setting up a certain number of operational and planned actions.  



The Astrians are mobilizing to meet the objective defined at the Grenelle Environment Forum, which consists in reducing by 20% the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of all transport by 2020.

The majority of astrians are signatories to the charter of voluntary commitment to reduce CO2 emissions developed by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development and the Sea, and the Environment Agency and the Energy Management (ADEME), in collaboration with the National Federation of Road Haulers and the Federation of Transport and Logistics Companies of France.