Astre Control Tower


Our centralised operating solution, based on proprietary resources, allows you to manage your national and international workflows

Unlike other solutions, it features fully integrated workflow management, delivering benefits for customers and Astrians alike.


This high-end customer service solution is designed to respond to four key market trends:

  • Selection of service providers in the transport plan to deliver reliable, high-quality workflows.
  • Outsourcing of transport services to workflow management specialists to keep costs down.
  • Removal of middle-men to protect margin: the workflow management solution puts transporters in direct contact with customers, giving them greater control and cheaper rates.
  • Support in improving transport plans through innovative solutions (multi-modal, double-floor vehicles, pooling, etc).


A dedicated management unit with more than 15 years’ experience.

The transport plan is approved by the customer and is designed to capitalise on synergies between Astrians (17,000 vehicles in the fleet) and the individual expertise of Group members. We offer a comprehensive range of services.

  • Centralised management of information and goods flows by a single contact point.
  • Daily order management with information feedback.
  • High-quality monitoring with monthly KPI analysis.
  • A single, centralised invoice.
  • Recommended improvements and innovative solutions.
  • IT solutions.