Astre Logistique


Astre logistique is a service offered by Europe’s leading transport and logistics network. Entrusting all of your logistics to Astre allows you to focus fully on your core business.

From temporary storage to comprehensive management of your Supply Chain following contractually- agreed processes, Astre logistique offers bespoke solutions tailored to your needs.
The Astre network covers the whole of Europe and affords you the nearby logistics base you are looking for.




At any time in your Supply Chain, Astre logistique delivers quality solutions thanks to its latest generation tools.

Our specialties include:

  • Expertise in logistics: cross docking, storage, order preparation, etc.;
  • Production logistics: materials supply on assembly lines, kanban, reverse logistics;
  • Value added operations: kitting, event pack, assembly, co-packing, e-commerce and textile logistics.


  • Regional and European proximity;
  • Flexibility, responsiveness, customer-focus;
  • Engineering and counselling service for your packaging;
  • Customs storage;
  • Single contact person managing and centralising all requests;
  • Performance management and improvement (KPIs, progress plan…);
  • Customised access to our web portal;

Our history, our specialties, our ambitions will always help us to craft a vision, an action, a solution that we will share with you, so that, together, we can grow with reliable, eco-responsible and affordable logistics!