Astre Loc®



As the leading independent network of industrial vehicle and driver hire, ASTRE LOC© offers custom-made solutions, combining the advantages of being an international network with regional proximity.

ASTRE LOC© benefits from the use of its own fleet, which can be customised to your taste, freeing you from the social and practical constraints of transporting goods, therefore optimising your expertise.



ASTRE LOC© offers 3 rental services:

  • ASTRE LOC© VI Reporting: business reporting,
  • ASTRE LOC© VI: Intervention optimisation for the running and operation of business,
  • ASTRE LOC© VI Consulting: support and annual progress plan, with a win-win approach to any savings made.




To meet your every need, ASTRE LOC© will provide you with useful knowledge and solutions:

A personalised contract, catered to your needs,

+ 1,000 registered vehicles and specialised hiring options,

20 specific business requirements that take into account different equipment needs,

Expertise in all sectors of business and a presence across the whole of France and Europe,

Experience: we shall provide you with professionals who have expert knowledge of their equipment or trade,

We are able to combine skills, equipment and financial resources,

Professionalism: we have a qualified and multi-talented workforce,

A representative dedicated to carrying out operational responsiveness on a daily basis,

The flexibility of SMEs supported by the power of a large group, which is at your service,

The group benefits from wide geographical coverage with proximity to SMEs.