Astre E-Commerce



ASTRE, Europe’s leading transport and logistics network, runs a specialised logistics service for the e-commerce industry, known as Astre e-commerce.

A key player on Europe’s “multichannel” logistics market, ASTRE offers a broad spectrum of solutions that meet your needs.


Each project is unique. Astre e-commerce therefore tailors its services, from the e-commerce business developer to giant multinationals, in order to satisfy your individual (B to C) and/or corporate (B to B) clients.

To ease order-taking, we will activate computer interfaces between your e-shop and Astre.

Tracking tools are available for you to monitor the movement of your shipments and stock in real-time.
Our interfaces are connected to your carriers to save time and enhance responsiveness.

With its SME network, ASTRE e-commerce® affords you the flexibility to resolve your seasonality issues by adjusting its human and material resources accordingly.

Our warehouses are yours!!!


  • Regional and local proximity
  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Appropriate technological facilities
  • Counselling and progress plan
  • Customised access to our web portal
  • Respect and help to grow the reputation of the products handled
  • Respond to issues of seasonality and adjustment to market constraints
  • Engineering service for your packaging
  • Gift packs
  • Photo and marketing services
  • Call centre