Astre City


Astre City delivers intelligent, clean and silent urban distribution solutions to communities, users and citizens in all cities in an eco-friendly manner, because:

  • Ecology and the Environment are key challenges and priorities;
  • Current distribution systems paralyse traffic in the city;
  • Users and consumers are demanding more from urban deliveries (e-trade and bespoke deliveries booming).


Meet tomorrow’s environmental and urban challenges:

  • Cut down pollution (CO2 and decibels);
  • Cut down number of delivery vehicles through a suitable and relevant bulking of deliveries;
  • Help to mitigate the impact of distribution on traffic on the outskirts and in the cities;
  • Blend economic development with environmental responsibility.


Nearby hubs for bulk management from urban logistics centres. 

Clean vehicles and well-trained drivers: Astre City has set out to remove endof- life vehicles (ELVs) from our cities and replace them with low-polluting models equipped with the latest technologies on the market.

To achieve this, we have undertaken to:

  • Invest in leading-edge equipment adapted to the needs of each town and city;
  • Use recyclable materials (bodywork, accessories…) to foster sustainable development;
  • Train and certify our people in “eco-driving”, urban delivery and its specificities;
  • Improve the urban landscape by paying special attention to the appearance of our vehicles and our delivery drivers’ uniforms;
  • Sensitize our clients to the fundamental principles of eco-responsibility, train and inform each and every one on the responsibilities.