Transports Rouillon honoured on World Art Day


For this year’s World Art Day, we would like to recognise an Astrian for whom art is common currency.


Transports Rouillon, a fellow Astrian, has personalised cabs for all of its drivers, who each chose a theme on which to base the design. The frescos created have become their trademark. The trucks ride along the roads and are always applauded and admired.


We met with Patrick, a driver with Transports Rouillon for almost 21 years, who will soon be heading down the road of retirement. He chose the popular film ‘Avatar’ as the theme for his cab. The majority of Transports Rouillon’s fleet is decorated with varying themes, such as Christopher Columbus, Florence Arthaud, Coluche, Marylin Monroe, the Les Grandes Gueules TV show, Mickey, Julien Absalon, the Titanic, the French provinces, Mylène Farmer, Tintin, etc.


We salute the originality of Paskal Kersiak, the artist who brilliantly creates these masterpieces.