Three Astre companies, in partnership with AFPA, OPCA Transports and Pôle Emploi, have challenged themselves to create a training school to teach the road transport profession to people looking for work or looking to change careers. We focus on this unprecedented approach in the Aube department to overcome the problem of hiring lorry drivers.

STTI, TCP and GAMBA ROTA offer to let you train your own future employees. These three transport companies, members of the Astre group, had trouble hiring lorry drivers. Thus, in partnership with Pôle Emploi, AFPA and L'OPCA Transports et Services, they created the LOG'IN3 Académie, a school for training in the profession of road transport operator.

"We need to hire a hundred drivers in the Aube. It's huge," announces Alain Gamba, leader of the Astre company GAMBA ROTA. For years transport professionals have faced a real problem: Being a lorry driver is no longer a desirable profession! As a result, candidates are rare or non-existent, their profiles are sometimes unsuitable, and there is significant turnover in this sector. While this can be explained by the fact that the profession may suffer from an old-fashioned image, it is clear that too few are truly aware of the scope of the profession: "A lorry driver does more than just hold a wheel for 500 km. He or she is a self-sufficient and experienced person who has to manage a whole bunch of fields, such as document management, customer relations, etc.," says Fabien COLOMBIER, head of transport at TCP Distribution.

On 13 September, Pôle Emploi proposed this school to 50 job seekers. Monday, 2 October, after a long series of tests, 9 trainees aged 20 to 50 were selected for the training. All job seekers or those looking to move into transportation, they prepared their heavy vehicle license from October to December. They will now enter into a professionalisation contract from January to March where they will prepare the professional certification as a road freight driver on all vehicles.

The 3 Astre companies will be following their employees closely: Regular meetings with visits to the premises are implemented to help apprentices integrate into their teams and, more broadly, into the company.

This great initiative, the first in the Aube, demonstrates the profession's willingness to react quickly and effectively to a problem that can be solved together. The Astre Group is delighted to count this project's three founders among its members and encourages them fully in the pursuit of this ambitious and visionary step.