After the company CHARBONNIER, freshly certified, it is the turn of the KLEYLING, GRENIN, LEGENDRE, LANDRY, SALLABERRY and CLEMENT transports to demonstrate their involvement in sustainable development by obtaining the Objectif CO2 label.


For Kleyling, located in Algolsheim, it is the culmination of several years of continuous commitment to reducing their CO2 emissions. Obtaining this label is an embodiment of the company's policy and is the fruit of all employees' teamwork. For its 70th birthday, the carrier bet on going green:

  • Changing the lighting of its logistics buildings currently consisting of neon lights with LED tubes
  • Replacement of gas forklift trucks with electric forklifts
  • A fleet of engines, regularly renewed since 2012, which allows the company to count 60% of new generation engines, consuming nearly 2 L less fuel


The goal is therefore well and truly achieved for Thierry LEIDEMER, leader of the Astre company KLEYLING, and his team.


Elisabeth GRENIN, president of the eponymous transport company, is also delighted to end 2017 with the confirmation of its CO2 certification issued by the national certifying committee. Imphicoise has no fear and has always been very involved in this type of project, and this new success confirms it once again.


The Astre company CLEMENT, based in Sezanne in the 51, is also among these environmental actors as well as transports LANDRY, SALLABERRY and finally, LEGENDRE transports, the 20th Astrian company to be certified. Their involvement in the Objectif CO2 project launched in 2016 allows the Astre Group to achieve its goal of having a growing number of certified members.


20 Astrians are already fully committed to sustainable development initiatives. Every day, these eco-responsible carriers helping to change the carrier business and protect our environment. The Astre Group congratulates them for the fine example they have set for their colleagues, of whom we hope the majority will follow.