Open days at Transports Guyamier


As we all know, it can be hard to find staff for some of our activities and for this reason some hauliers are boosting their recruitment efforts. With this in mind, Transports Guyamier organised an open day on Saturday 16 March.

This open day was designed to be very informative and help people better understand transport activities. It was based around four workshops:

  • Recruitment, including meetings with the haulier’s Human Resources Department for recruitment advice and information about the local labour market.
  • Road safety, to provide information for visitors through presentations of the latest detection and prevention solutions including breath tests, intoxication simulation glasses (“drunk goggles”) and drug tests.
  • Eco-driving, to discover the latest technological innovations designed to make transport more ecological, including a session with a trainer to learn how to become an eco-driver.
  • Training, which provided an opportunity to learn more about career opportunities in the transport sector and to discover animated information videos about our activities. And the icing on the cake: the unique experience of driving a super heavyweight truck thanks to virtual reality.


The purpose of this open day was mainly to give people an up-to-date image of the transport sector and its activities. It proved to be a great success, with demonstrations which showed the use of digital technology within our businesses. More than 200 people took part in these open days and almost 70 highly-motivated applicants presented themselves to the Human Resources team.

Well done to the haulier Guyamier and its staff and partners for organising this superb open day!


Transports Guyamier is featured in the magazine L’officiel des transporteurs! You’ll find the article included as an attachment.