Cleaner air in Ile-de-France


Astrian TAB Rail Road, Sigeif Mobilités and Fraikin won a European grant of 5.7 million euros to develop the use of NGV and bio-NGV in Ile-de-France!


The European Commission has won a grant of 5.7 million euros in support of an ambitious project led by Sigeif Mobilités, local mixed economy company specialised in developing NGV and Bio-NGV stations in Ile-de-France, Fraikin Group, European leader in industrial and commercial vehicle fleet management, and Astrian TAB Rail Road, expert in combined rail-route transport solutions.

This project, under the banner of Olympic Energy, is part of an expansive programme that aims to launch a sustainable and efficient transport system and to promote carbon reduction in all modes of transport across European corridors and through urban centres.

The part of the programme assigned to Sigeif Mobilités involves the construction of eight new refuelling stations in natural gas and biogas. These eight stations will be integrated into a network currently under development in Ile-de-France for 2022.


The new stations developed as part of the Olympic Energy project will be able to, depending on local needs, distribute between 800 and 2,500 tons of NGV and Bio-NGV per year. The grant from the European Commission will cover 20% of the total costs (12 million euros), or about 2.4 million euros.


The European Commission will also finance part of the investments of other two project partners in order to reduce the additional purchasing costs of the NGV vehicles. European leader in industrial utility and commercial vehicle fleet management, Fraikin plans to acquire 300 NGV heavy goods lorries, and TAB Rail Road, expert in combined rail-route transport solutions, intends to acquire 30 NGV heavy goods lorries.


Ile-de-France, metropolis of clean transport

Thanks to its scope, the Olympic Energy project will place Paris and Ile-de-France among the major global metropolises pioneering clean transport, just a few months away from the Olympic Games.

It is an exemplary project that brings together a service-station network developer, a vehicle renter and a user of heavy goods lorries in the pursuit of a common goal: to encourage the use of NGV and Bio-NGV in transport and to help improve air quality.

Official presentation of the Grant agreement – Paris, 18/12/18