2019 Carrier of the Year



The 32nd Carrier of the Year event will take place on Monday 25 March 2019 at the Longchamp Racecourse, and we are proud to see the Astrian company Vingeanne take its place among the finalists!


Motivated after winning the award in 2016, Vingeanne is hoping for a repeat performance in 2019. The Astrian company was chosen among many entries, making the final list alongside three others. We support this fantastic commitment and hope to see Vingeanne crowned Carrier of the Year in 2019. We also wish them luck for the ‘Grand Oral’ presentation!


Peer recognition

The Carrier of the Year competition aims to honour a transport company for: the excellence of its management as well as its market approach, social approach, and innovative approach to safety or the environment.


The jury is composed of professionals who have won Carrier of the Year since 1988.

Astre is delighted to count several Astrian members among the jury, including:

  • Jean-Pierre Ducournau of Transports Ducournau (winner in 2011)
  • Patrice Pericard of the Groupe Bert (winner in 2007)
  • Gilles Collyer of Routiers Bretons (winner in 2001)
  • Bruno Neyrat of Sobotram (winner in 1997)


This year, four companies will take part in the competition, including:

  • Brangeon
  • Delisle
  • Portal
  • Vingeanne


The winning entry will succeed last year’s winner, Julien Depaeuw of Transports Depaeuw.


We hope to see Jean-Claude Pla on the jury in 2020!